Belcaro Home

The Belcaro neighborhood in east central Denver gets its name from the most famous Belcaro home – the elegant, impressive Phipps Mansion – which had been dubbed Belcaro (Italian for “beautiful dear one”) by Lawrence C. Phipps when it was built in 1930s. Designed by Charles A. Platt and sons, it has been owned by the University of Colorado since 1964 and the property, which still serves as the cornerstone of the community, is now home to a museum and a conference center.

Living in a Belcaro Home

Phipps was also responsible for developing the area around his mansion, which we now know as the Belcaro neighborhood, through his Belcaro Realty and Investment Company. Located east of Washington Park and Bonnie Brae, with Cherry Creek to the north and Colorado Boulevard to the east, Belcaro enjoys easy access to just about everything that Denver has to offer.

Despite being mere minutes away from downtown and areas such as the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, however, Belcaro has managed to retain its peaceful atmosphere. The neighborhood is known for being one of the city’s most scenic communities, with its winding avenues lined with old-growth trees, expansive and often beautifully landscaped lots, and gracious homes in a variety of ages and styles. In other words, Belcaro is truly beautiful.

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