Berkeley Colorado Homes

Bounded by Regis to the north, West Highland to the south, and Sunnyside to the east, the neighborhood of Berkeley seems poised to become Denver’s next trendy retail district, thanks to an upsurge of commercial establishments. These qualities have mainly attracted younger homebuyers, all eager to see what Berkeley, Colorado homes have to offer.

Homes in Berkeley Colorado

You can’t get more diverse when it comes to the selection of Berkeley, Colorado homes available. Prospective residents will find many types of Berkeley, Colorado real estate properties, ranging from single-family homes like bungalows and ranch frame houses, to classic homes like Denver Squares, Victorians and Tudors. Newer types of housing like rows of flats and townhomes can be found near the commercial area along Tennyson Street and 38th to 46th avenues.

Tennyson Street is home to a thriving commercial and retail district that includes many specialty shops and boutiques, bistros and restaurants, food stores, fitness center, and numerous art galleries, all located within a 10-block area. Art and culture enthusiasts will enjoy the active arts community in Berkeley, culminating in the popular Tennyson Street First Friday Art Walk, Dine and Stroll, where most of the galleries and studios host art openings every first Friday of the month and everyone is invited to take part, gallery hop, or just soak in the festive atmosphere from 6 to 10 pm.

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