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Buying a home is a dream come true for most people, and it is so exciting to make that dream a reality for the people of Denver. My name is Angelica Apel, and I am a proud 5th generation Denver native. I truly love the city: beautiful mountain views, shops, restaurants, vintage architecture, one-of-a-kind neighborhoods – Denver is a special place and I am proud to call this city my home. Not only am I a Denver native, I am a true native of North Denver; I was brought home as a baby from the hospital to a home right at 32nd and Perry, which is now the location of a popular local restaurant known as Solitaire. The charm that exudes from the turret of a Victorian, the woodwork in a Bungalow…everything about homes in this city fascinates me and it’s thrilling to match people with the home of their dreams in this wonderful city.

Real estate is a natural fit for me, and a second language in my life; I grew up in the business. My parents, Jennifer Apel and Corey Wadley, are the owners of Nostalgic Homes. Imagine my proud mother when, as a toddler, I removed the pacifier from my mouth and said to one of her clients, “All this house needs is some paint and a new kitchen!”, and then calmly put the pacifier back between my lips. Real estate is not only a second language to me, but a calling, and a passion. Real estate is an investment, but it’s also where people make a life for themselves, raise families and make memories. The process of buying or selling a home may seem daunting, but with the right representation by your side the route to buying or selling a home is a fun and rewarding experience.

I am proud to work as a part of the Apel Team, one of the highest producing lineups in all of Denver. We are a team of dedicated professionals, committed to excellence. Jennifer Apel, Corey Wadley, Jill Samuels and I all work together to help the people of Denver achieve their real estate goals. My team is highly experienced, wise, and talented. We live and breathe real estate; we love what we do and it shows!

No matter what your real estate goals may be, the Apel Team and I will provide you with excellent service, expertise, and we’ll have a little fun along the way. Buying or selling a home is an exciting, rewarding experience, and I welcome the opportunity to make it happen for you!


“Angelica Apel was everything we could’ve asked for in a realtor. My wife and I jumped into the market a bit too soon and had to back out, but Angelica was there waiting for us with a smile a year later. She remembered our style and we fell in love with the first place Angelica showed us. Although we were hooked on the first home, Angelica was more than happy to show us more places to make sure we had good comparisons. It’s such a tough market to get into in Denver, but Angelica helped us to remain competitive and eventually, we got that first house. She knows this city and knows it well. Plus she’s got a ton of contacts in remodeling and whatever else you need.

Angelica is always a pleasure to work with. She’ll get the job done and after you close she’ll still be there for you if you need her. Angelica will definitely our realtor whenever we need one and she should be yours too.”

Luke Turf

“As a first time home buyer, my husband and I came to the market with high expectations. Our expectations were not only around the house we were looking for but also of the broker that assisted us with our purchase. Angelica met all of our expectations and more. When we found the right home my husband and I made our first offer, only to figure out the price and quality of the home were out of the question. Angelica helped steer us in the right direction even though the first home we made our offer on was not the right fit. When we finally did find the right home, Angelica went to work for us and contended with the selling agent and seller. After the whole process was over, the countless hours of searching and going under contract, Angelica continued to be accommodating and supportive. She genuinely made the whole process of searching for a home as well as going under contract on a home seamless and virtually pain free. Angelica did a great job of working behind the scenes to ensure our happiness and interests. I would gladly work with Angelica again; my husband and I didn’t only feel like first time home buyers… Angelica took care of us as if we were her only client.”

With great satisfaction – Sarah and Eliezer Bello

“I really enjoyed having Angelica as my Realtor and appreciated all of her work with us. She picked up right away that we didn’t need to buy a home immediately but still spent the time taking us around looking at homes to get a feel for the neighborhood. As a first time buyer, I was worried there would be pressure to say yes to a home after we saw it but Angelica always listened to us and allowed us to say no to a home. In the end, we got a great house for a great price and we really appreciated her support!”

Alison Kelly

“I have just bought my first Denver home and if I had not found Angelica Apel at Nostalgic Homes, I would probably still be sitting in my rented apartment instead of in the great home she helped me find! Angelica provided tenacious, experienced, thoughtful and hugely caring service. She knows the Denver market, every neighborhood and every detail inside and out. From getting us through the buying process to smart suggestions, she was with us every step of the way. Always on top when it came to replying quickly to questions, keeping us ahead of the calendar dates, and getting first to the best houses she never left us feeling lost, confused or ignored. In fact we closed 2 weeks early and that is down to her guidance and quick actions. From start to finish and even after Angelica stayed fully engaged and always cheerful. All i can say really is if you want to buy a home that suits your needs and have it be an efficient and hugely fun experience, talk to Angelica!”

Kathy Lee

“Angelica was my 5th (Broker) to try and I stuck with her for a good reason. My previous 4 (Brokers) took a very bland assessment of what I was looking for in a home, and set me up with automated emails/sites which sent me 95% garbage.

What I appreciated about Angelica was that she took time to figure out the criteria I was interested in as well as taking note of my personal taste based on the houses we visited. The more houses we saw, the more refined her prospective homes became. I didn’t get a bunch of stuff simply at the top tier of my price range, she sought out homes she knew I would show like to see. I would say that easily 75% if not more of the houses she emailed me I had an interest in seeing.

It really helped having someone filter out the garbage and hone in on exactly what I was looking for in a home. I can say without a doubt, the house I finally bought, after having 2 contracts fall through, is my favorite house yet and has absolutely everything I was hoping for, but not expecting, in my price range.

She was ALWAYS prompt in either answering calls/texts or responding as soon as possible, which I greatly appreciated. I’ve recommended her to several others browsing the market and will continue to refer her.”

Drew Cleaver

“I recently worked with Angelica Apel of Nostalgic Homes to purchase an investment property in Denver. Angelica’s knowledge of Denver’s real estate market was invaluable during the home-buying process. It was obvious from day one that she had an excellent grasp on the market conditions and what it would take to find the “right” property. The insight she provided during my search was both accurate and extremely helpful and resulted in me purchasing a home that I was very pleased with. In addition, Angelica was always willing to accommodate my schedule for showings and provide prompt responses to my requests and questions.

I would highly recommend Angelica as a Realtor regardless of whether I was buying an investment property or a home for myself. I look forward to working with her and Nostalgic Homes again in the future.”

Nick L

“I want to first say that the level of commitment that I received from Angelica Apel of Nostalgic Homes far exceeded my expectations. Not only is Angelica a true professional in all that she does, she goes a step further, she does her “homework” in all aspects, she first asks the most important question, “tell me exactly what you are looking for in a home and a neighborhood”, then she gets to know you, and from there she becomes an investigator. She provides background on all of the properties that she offers up for your review. She knows what the schools are like, she provides you insight and tips on how to review a prospective home and area. Then she guides you through any possible hazards that there might be. She provides multiple areas for loans and financing, and they are only the highest caliber. Once you find your dream house, her expertise really kicks in, she keeps you focused on the pending dates and what you have to do to make the closing happen. What helped me the most, she advised me on what ‘not to worry about’, she made that her job, which made my job very, very easy, which was to enjoy and settle into my new home.

I have spoken of her abilities to everyone I know, and feel that my family and I have also made a cherished friend.

Thank you Angelica.”

Tina Colvin

“I contacted Nostalgic Homes when I decided that I wanted to get in the market for a new home. I have to say my initial choice in an agency was not very scientific, I picked Nostalgic Homes because I really liked there signs I had seen through the Highlands area. I had found a house that I wanted to see and Angelica came out and showed the home to me.

My first impression of Angelica was that she was very professional, she was on time and made a great first impression. We talked about what I wanted in a home and what I thought I could afford. Angelica quickly helped me get in touch with a mortgage agent who explained to me what I could get financed for and helped me organize my finances to improve my buying power. Angelica was very open to my input on what style, type of home, size and lot sizing I was looking for, she tailored her house searches to the area I wanted to be in and every time we went out and looked at houses she got more and more dialed in to exactly what I was looking for. She did not try to push me into a cookie cutter ranch home even though there were tons on the market.

Did I mention that Angelica was extremely flexible in her scheduling? I work grave yards and she was able to meet me very early in the morning, mid day, or during evening hours on week days and weekends alike to look at houses. At no time did I feel like Angelica was pressuring me to buy any specific house and she was quick to point out if she thought a house was over priced in the market. When I found homes I was interested in Angelica would pull comps so we could see if they were priced appropriately. When I would get bummed out about missing out on a house Angelica was very reassuring that she would help me find the perfect home for me and my family which, is exactly what she did. Angelica found me a home that met every criteria I was looking for that was within my budget and the area I was looking for.

Angelica was at my side from start to finish through the home buying process and I couldn’t have asked for more out of an agent. I highly recommend her as an agent and can happily say if I am in the market again she will be my agent in the future. Put your trust in her and Nostalgic Homes and you will not be disappointed!”

Matthew Carley

"In August 2011, I decided to start looking myself for houses in the Highlands , Hi-Lo areas, after I became frustrated with my real estate agent, and their lack of attention to my cause. I literally began to drive the streets bordered by I-25 on east, I-70 on north, Sheridan on west, and Colfax on south. During these street by street forays, I just happened to stop by 32nd and Newton, where Nostalgic Homes (NH) main office is located. Sitting at the desk was Angelica Apel, a broker with NH. I asked Angelica if she could help me find a home. That night I had more than 25 homes in the area I wanted, with price information, sent by Angelica via email. I contacted Angelica again the next day, and she agreed to set aside time for me later that afternoon, to meet again at NH, to discuss possible purchases. Later that week we visited several homes, and 3 weeks later, I was making arrangements to close on the home of my choice. Angelica was very good at understanding what I wanted, and cutting to the chase, eliminating needless visits to homes that I had no interest in. Angelica was also good at follow up. One thing I might add is, at the time I was working at my job , at a very remote mine in Peru. I was also in the process of having spine surgery , and going back and forth between Peru and Denver, several times in the span of a couple months. Angelica would call my Peruvian number, and also keep track of me when I was in Miami, or travelling. That is to say, I couldn’t find a Denver Real estate agent that would even get back to me when I was in town, needless to say putting up with these difficult logistics, as Angelica did. Angelica used simple techniques, i.e.to do lists to complete, and often served as a go-between with my lender, inspectors, etc. which really didn’t fall within her scope of duties. More than anything, Angelica’s attitude leveled the field for everyone, myself, the lender, the inspections, etc."

David Gilbert