Jenny Apel, Sr. Broker/Owner

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I believe it takes a true Denver native to understand this city’s rapidly evolving neighborhoods. My family has lived in this great state for five generations – four of them in Denver. I was born at St. Luke’s Hospital and raised in the heart of Northwest Denver. As the saying goes, “I know this city like the back of my hand.”

Denver is the place where I have chosen to raise my own daughter. My husband, Corey, and I make our home here. I’ve lived in the Highlands, Cottage Hill, Wheat Ridge, and Sloan’s Lake, so I know the many facets of our great city.

You’re buying more than four walls and a roof when you buy a home. It is vital to learn all you can about your chosen neighborhood; its history and the clues that point toward its future. It also helps to get the name of a good restaurant or a reliable electrician, too. My knowledge base is the number one advantage that I offer my clients.

Neighborhood knowledge is also the key to my success in marketing homes for sale. It’s critical for your agent to understand who the potential buyer might be…who would be attracted to your home and its location. This data helps find buyers a new residence that will be perfect for their lifestyle, too. Some folks stumble into real estate as a career. Not me. A major life challenge freed me to enter this field – something I had always wanted to do. In 1994, I was diagnosed with cancer and at first was given a rather poor prognosis. I came out of intensive chemotherapy and decided that since I had to work, I would choose a new, more rewarding career. Cancer was really liberating in that way. I gave myself permission to choose this career – one I’d always believed would be right for me.

That’s when I first realized the huge advantage my in-depth neighborhood knowledge offered. Every time our office went to tour a new listing, I had a story to tell about the block. It was a lot of fun and I was hooked. Over a decade later, I still find this work fun and fascinating. I think this was key to my successful fight against illness, too.

In addition to my 12 years in this business, I have an artistic background that gives me an edge when it comes to presenting your home for sale in its best possible light. I’ve developed a true talent for staging, the process of improving each room to make it as inviting as possible while showcasing the home’s architectural features. I offer this key service as a companion service to my top quality marketing. In today’s market where many sales begin on the internet, stellar photographs and compelling publications are essential to strong home sales.

Realtors like to boast of a commitment to integrity, service, and quality. These are great concepts but they’re vague. As well as being the owner, I have been the top selling agent at Nostalgic Homes for almost a decade and I believe that speaks more than any top marketing slogan ever could. Quite a few clients have sold three, four or even more homes using my assistance. This rarely-achieved level of repeat business is undeniable evidence of my commitment to top-flight service. It’s the highest level of dedication possible and it’s what I deliver day in and day out.

My husband, Corey Wadley, and I are real estate professionals; this is our full time calling and our passion. I tell people I’m going to get the job done but we’re also going to have some fun along the way! Vintage homes hold a special place in both our hearts. The first home I purchased for myself was the two-story at 3927 West 32nd, which has grown into the Highlands Garden Cafe. I love every inch of Denver’s vintage neighborhoods – many of which I study while jogging around Sloan’s Lake. We have nearly two decades of combined experience in this business. No one knows Denver homes and neighborhoods better than we do!


“…thank you for everything you did in the process of selling Mom’s home. Your knowledge and expertise in Real Estate is beyond any expectations we might have had. You did everything you said you would and much more! In today’s world that is astonishing.
I am truly sorry I don’t have another property to sell right now. I will, however, recommend you to anyone that mentions buying or selling their home – even if they don’t ask :-)”

Kathleen Buzick

“Working with Jenny to sell my home was a great experience!! She is highly skilled in the art of real estate transacting and left nothing to chance. For me, selling a home while living out of state was slightly nerve wracking but Jenny handled everything with ease. Her communication was top notch. She was able to handle several post contract issues with ease and really impressed me with her capability!! I’d recommend her to anyone! Thanks for all your hard work!!”

Joshua Popky

“Jenny, when we met the second time you told me with great enthusiasm that you were going to bring me a buyer who would love the house as much as my mother did and as much as I did – someone who would appreciate it and be so happy to get to live there. I believe that is what has happened. You also said you’d have it sold in a month, and it appears that that has happened. You have done all of the things you said you would do and I can’t express to you enough how happy that makes me. It restores my faith in humanity knowing that there are people who tell the truth and do exactly what they say they are going to do. Thank you!”

Jody and Bea Waltemeyer

“When we were ready to start thinking about our next real estate move, we called Corey & Jenny to bounce some ideas off of them. They took the time to listen to our needs and evaluate our situation. Because the market hadn’t turned yet, they knew we wouldn’t be able to get the value we wanted and needed out of our house. They helped us put together a plan to do some renovations we could enjoy, but that would also add value to our house. Two years later when our family had doubled in size, it was time to make a move. Corey & Jenny helped us to prep the house, take photos and go to market. We sold the house in FIVE days – full offer, no concessions! I can’t imagine going through this process without someone who not only understands the market, but also understands your needs.”

Adam and Amy Jenkins

“It was easy on deciding to hire Nostalgic Homes for our home search in the Highlands; We had lived in the neighborhood for years before buying and always noticed more nostalgic signs up than others! True to our expectations, our experience was top notch. Corey and Jenny listened to our needs and found us exactly what we wanted. Our situation was unique like all others, and they helped to partner us with a builder and a property where we built the exact home we wanted in the Highlands. It’s the ‘insider’ knowledge and experience that Nostalgic has that clearly set them apart for us. Thank you Corey and Jenny!”

Jason & Jen

“Nostalgic Homes (Jenny Apel) recently sold my home in the Highlands, and throughout the entire process she proved why she is not only the best known agent in the Highlands/Berkeley area, but also why she is one of the best agents in Denver bar none.
As the owner of Nostalgic Homes, I expected that she might pass off some of the typical agent responsibilities to her staff, however that was not the case at all. Jenny was thoroughly involved throughout the entire process from staging the home to negotiation to needed repairs to sitting next to me at the closing table. Her experience and knowledge is unmatched. She was easy to reach at all times of the day, and she made the selling process fluid and much easier on me throughout the process. A truly enjoyable experience, and I owe it all to Jenny. In my opinion, there is no better agent in Denver, and I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone buying/selling a home.”

Jason Bauer

“We both sold our old home and bought our new home through Nostalgic Homes and would highly recommend them. There are only a few times in your life when you sell your home. It is a personal and often gut-wrenching. It is complicated and you need someone who is on your side and gives you good advice and guides you through the maze of real estate. It was important from our first meeting to make sure Nostaligic Homes shared our values: that they were trust worthy, hard working, integrous and would be our advocates. Most importantly, we felt they LISTENED to us and took the time and energy to understand our situation, our goals and our concerns.
Throughout the process they gave us strong advice, answered our questions and clarified our concerns. Selling our house in a down real estate market was not easy, but with Nostalgic Homes on our side, it helped manage the anxiety. In addition, they gave us references for home financing experts that transformed our financing options in ways our bank never advised us.
As a family of 5 with two young babies, a 12-year-old a dog and a cat, it was important that we were able to show our home and still be able to live in our house. They arranged showings that were non-intrusive and worked closely with us to make sure our house was professionaly staged to gain greater interest from buyers.
I know we are only one family, but we are huge advocates of Nostalgic Homes and recommend them to all our family and friends.”

Andrew Hudson