Looking to jump-start a new career in real estate, or to get a stagnant career revitalized?  Nostalgic Homes’ yesteryear specialization makes serving home buyers and sellers of vintage dwellings a simple, successful, and highly lucrative process.

We are urban experts, and 2/3 of what we list is in Northwest Denver, known these days as “The Highlands”, Denver’s most diverse and sought after neighborhood.  We’re known for achieving top dollar in the shortest period of time for our Seller clients, and for being the neighborhood go-to resource for our Buyers – keenly in-tune with values within the urban Denver core and the close-in suburbs. Don’t take our word for it; ask other offices, past clients, or real estate schools about our reputation. Professionalism is our creed. You will not find a group of more savvy, skilled, and highly trained Broker Associates in metro Denver.

Ready to get busy?  The spectacular 1891 Queen Anne that houses our office, located in the heart of Highland Square, is a powerhouse of activity. Nostalgic Homes has been in “The Highlands” since 1985, and has been the preeminent contributor to the success of the neighborhood since that time. We have by far the highest volume of vintage sales in the area, and our listings sell at an average price markedly higher than our closest competitors, netting our seller clients top dollar, even over discount brokerages.

There are many compensation models to choose from out there.  Our program of balanced human support, training, and technology are proven to reap you, on average, far greater rewards than any “Concierge” or internet lead-trolling brokerage.  Our average broker did 18 transaction in 2013, with an average volume of $6.27M, versus the national Realtor average of 12 transactions, and $1.5M, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) May 2013 report.  Currently comprised of both individual licensees, and teams of 2-4 licensees, the median commission earned in 2013 for a non-team licensee at Nostalgic Homes was over $86,000, double the national median income of Realtors, according to the NAR May 2013 report, and peaked at nearly $195,000.  For teams, the median commission payout was just under $215,000, and capped out at nearly $1.1M.  There are very few firms in Colorado, especially small boutique firms, that can boast this level of earnings for their Brokers. Our licensees are all full-time Brokers, and have a median tenure of nearly 7 years in the business. They range in experience from 1 year in real estate to over 20. They come because of our reputation for excellence – they stay because of our highly productive, cooperative atmosphere, which enables them to enjoy what they do, and the people that they work with, while earning a great living.  In fact, the Brokers at Nostalgic Homes are among the top earners anywhere in Colorado, maybe even in the entire country.

Our creed as trainers here at Nostalgic Homes is to teach you to fish, not simply to feed you one.  Yes, you will receive free web leads, and plenty of floor time, and our open house traffic is second to none, but moreover, we will teach you how to be a self-sufficient small business owner, and while our support staff does assist with file processing and marketing needs, it exists simply as a basis and springboard to your own individual marketing program which we help you to build. Our contracts training and sales mentorship program creates sales GIANTS, not Brokers who just get by, and very few firms can say that with truth and conviction.

We are always eager to interview intelligent, personable, highly motivated, energetic prospects to round out our sales team. We are one of the few Denver firms that will train new Brokers, so newly licensed and soon-to-be licensed individuals feel free to apply. Full training comes directly from the firm’s top-producing owners with no desk, transaction, or training fees.

If you are looking for a successful career in real estate, Nostalgic Homes is a great place to call home. Reserve your place at the table today by calling 303-455-5535 and be connected to a company owner.  Let’s get you rolling in the right direction to a superb, boundless career!