Denver Highlands House

Denver Highlands house can be anything from an elegant Victorian mansion to a remodeled frame farmhouse to a variety of new urban infill projects. This variety is a direct reflection of the Highlands area’s own diversity in terms of culture and neighborhood features.

The Highlands is actually Highland and West Highland, which are in turn comprised of smaller residential neighborhoods and commercial areas. The community is located directly northwest of downtown Denver; thus when folks here talk about northwest Denver, chances are they’re referring to the Highlands.

Living in a Denver Highlands House

If you’re looking for the fun and convenience of downtown living, but you also want to have your peace and quiet, a Denver Highlands house would be ideal. When you live in a Denver Highlands house you have immediate access to three different commercial areas – the seven blocks that make up the Highlands Square neighborhood; the colorful Tennyson Street Cultural District; and Highland itself, whose trendier moniker these days is LoHi, or Lower Highland. In all these areas you will find a whole raft of stores, services and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a gallery; a family-owned taqueria, pizzeria or tratoria; an independent bookstore; a wine bar; a chic boutique; a vintage clothing store and more, you’ll find it here.

Highlands, Denver, CO houses are your gateway to a lifestyle that combines the best of urban amenities and convenience with suburban comfort and small-town warmth. Come explore the Highlands, CO homes on the market today and let the professionals at Nostalgic Homes help you make the right choice.

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