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Villa Park is a neighborhood in West Denver about two to three miles west of Downtown Denver. The area is bounded on the north by Lakewood Gulch, on the east by Federal Boulevard, on the south by the 6th Avenue Freeway, and on the west by Sheridan Boulevard. Except for a small notch occupying a few square blocks that protrudes to the direction of Sheridan Boulevard between 10th Avenue and Lakewood Gulch. Homes for sale in Villa Park Denver, CO Neighborhood.

The neighborhood consists chiefly of single-family homes with some apartment buildings and several apartment complexes. Commercial development exists primarily on the major thoroughfares of Sheridan and Federal Boulevards. Smaller commercial areas along Sixth and 10th avenues and Knox Court. The west corridor project will provide light rail service to the neighborhood. Stops are at Knox Court, Perry Street, and Sheridan Boulevard.

Villa Park Denver CO Community Amenities

If you love sunny days, then Denver is the best place for you and your family to settle. It averages around 300 sunny days in a year where you can enjoy outdoor activities. Villa Park offers three parks which are the Lakewood / Dry Gulch Park, Martinez Park, and Barnum Mountain bike park. Restaurants are available throughout the neighborhood like the El Zarape and Meca tavernYou can also shop in the local markets known as Jenin Market and Jerry’s market.

Villa Park Denver CO Schools

Thinking of moving into Villa Park but you worry about your kid’s school? Do not fret because Colorado has the SchoolChoice program which can help you transfer your kids with ease. Here are some institutions that you can consider for your kids. Eagleton Elementary School, North High School and STRIVE Prep – Lake Campus. 18.22% of the residents in Villa Park have achieved a college degree while 62.99% of the community has acquired a high school diploma.

Selling your Villa Park home

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Homes for sale in Villa Park Denver, CO Neighborhood. 

Picture of house in 3200 West 8th Avenue Villa Park Denver CO

Enjoy some of the best city views while sitting on your front porch! This Villa Park cutie has a great layout, high ceilings, original hardwood floors and potential for more!

Villa Park Realtors

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