Navigating the Denver Highlands

Navigating the Denver Highlands

Homebuyers in Denver, CO continually flock to the area that is known as the Highlands, which offers incredible views of the city skyline, charming small-town settings, and a variety of new and existing real estate. But this sprawling district is not one single community. It is represented by several distinct neighborhoods that offer their own unique atmosphere and benefits. So which ones are getting the most attention right now, and from whom? After serving countless clients in the Highlands, Nostalgic Homes has compiled a straightforward guide for your pleasure and convenience.

Denver Highland

Also known as ‘East’ Highland, this neighborhood is perhaps the most consistently sought after. Downtown Denver, and its endless cosmopolitan benefits, is directly to the Southwest. There has been more architectural conservation here than in some other neighborhoods, and historic areas such as Scottish Highlands and Highlands Park present beautifully remodeled Victorian-style homes, Denver Squares, and Tudors. But buyers can also find more modern lofts and condos in this still growing district.


Lower Highland, or LoHi for short, is considered to be the trendiest part of East Highland, and presents a vibrant lifestyle that is ideal for young urbanites.  A convenient pedestrian and bicycle bridge connects this neighborhood to Downtown Denver, and yet LoHi is also a local commercial destination that is admired for is numerous restaurants, shops, and events. The neighborhood is noted for its newer lofts and condos, and is still seeing exceptional growth.

Potter Highlands

As the most historic part of East Highland, Potter Highland offers the perfect haven for buyers who seek and older atmosphere, greater tranquility and pedestrian-friendly surroundings. While its proximity to LoHi and downtown is a selling point, Potter has also seen some charming new businesses and dining establishments moving into the area – a boon for residents. The local property market is made up of Craftsman bungalows and a variety of early 20th Century homes.


West Highland

When people refer to the Highlands, they usually mean the entire area encompassing West Highland and East Highland. Separated from East Highland by Federal Avenue, and home to the popular Highlands Square commercial district, this part of the Highlands was the first to experience redevelopment. As a result, West Highlands offers some the most expensive single-family homes and townhomes in the entire Highlands real estate market.


For years this ‘Upper Highlands’ neighborhood has been up-and-coming and is now hitting a level of maturity that is perfect for first-time buyers. The atmosphere is vibrant, there are many charming local shops and restaurants in the Tennyson Street Cultural District, and there is a strong artistic community here. Located just North of the West Highlands, properties in Berkeley – both new and renovated – are a little less expensive, and primarily attract younger couples and families.


Nestled between Chaffee Park to the North and East Highland to the South, this is also a promising ‘Upper Highlands’ neighborhood that is well situated to the commerce and culture of the Highlands.  Like Berkeley, it presents more affordable properties, and the market is predominantly comprised of older bungalows. As Sunnyside is getting close to entering the peak of its redevelopment, the time is now for those who with to take advantage of this neighborhood’s future potential.

Chaffee Park

Many locals have their eye on this quiet residential neighborhood at the northernmost outskirts of Denver, which is made up of Ranch style homes built in the first half of the 20th Century. With its close proximity to the Interstate, Chaffee Park offers residents a convenient commute to Downtown Denver, and the local market is expected to go through resurgence much like its North and Upper Highlands neighbors.


Jefferson Park

Situated to the South of Highland, this community is at the cusp of transition and revitalization, and buyers who are looking for a renovation project or ‘flipping’ opportunity have excellent potential to see both personal and financial gains.  The selection is a mixture of turn of the century single-family homes and mid-20th Century apartment complexes, as well as some newer properties.

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