Platt Park Denver Real Estate

Situated directly south of I-25 and east of the South Platte River, Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood is a charming mix of serene, tree-lined streets, and historic homes with bustling commercial areas that are anchored by Old South Pearl Street. With this appealing blend of features, it’s no wonder, then, that Platt Park, Denver real estate has long been one of the city’s most sought-after.

Real Estate in Platt Park, Denver

The Platt Park, Denver real estate market features a diversity of housing options and is especially popular among young families, couples and virtually every other kind of homebuyer. Who wouldn’t want to live, after all, in a neighborhood that’s not only convenient to central Denver and most of the city’s major commercial districts, but is also almost self-contained – Platt Park offers just about everything one could want within its boundaries, including schools, shops, restaurants and green, open areas.

Platt Park, Denver real estate is characterized mostly by homes built during the late 1800s and the first half of the 20th century, with a sprinkling of more contemporary homes mixed in. Here, American foursquares stand side-by-side with Craftsman-style bungalows and the occasional clean-lined mid-century modern home as well as the more elaborate late Victorian home; not to mention quite a few of these properties also have spacious lots.

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