Top Reasons To Live In The Highlands In Denver

Top Reasons To Live In The Highlands In Denver

The Highlands, considered Denver city’s hottest neighborhood, offers the best of life in the city without the need to live right downtown. This well-established neighborhood has always been popular with its beautiful views, waterfront living along the South Platte River and its higher elevation that provides a sense of open, country living just slightly north and west of the central Denver core.

Easy Access

In the last two decades access to the Highlands from Denver itself has become even easier. There were three new bridges constructed across the South Platte River starting in the 1990s. This includes the Denver Millennium Bridge, The Platte River Bridge and the Highland Bridge.

It is now easy to walk, cycle or drive from Highland to the downtown city center which has definitely had a positive effect on the business, restaurants, entertainment venues and the residential neighborhoods of this community.

Historic Atmosphere

One of the most important things that the people in Highlands and Denver will tell you is that this area is a wonderful combination of the past and the present. It is home to the Old Highland Business District which features the old style of main street stores that are so classic in their appearance. The Square also provides unique shops, boutiques and restaurants mixed in new and old businesses. There is a cultural district on Tennyson Street that is home to art galleries and venues for performing arts.

The streets are well designed in both the commercial as well as the residential areas of the Highlands in Denver. You find lots of brick buildings and some amazing examples of Victoria style homes, bungalows, two story and split level residences and completely modern designs of homes. In addition with definite Spanish and Latin influences you can find very different neighborhoods that

Parks and Recreation

Another important reason for many people to move to the Highlands in Denver is the number of parks and recreational venues in this area of the city. There is the Highland Recreational Center and three large parks that are always open to the public.

Living in the Highlands in Denver really does have its advantages. This area really does offer it all from upscale housing to international restaurants all in a local area that is just right to call home.